Baccarat Strategy: The Basics

A lot of people seem to be under the impression that baccarat is a game that can be beat. This usually stems from watching James Bond play the game, it gives the impression that with proper strategy you can win at baccarat. In reality this is not the case, it is a game of chance pure and simple and nothing that you can do will change that. It is however still important to use a good strategy to make sure that don’t lose more than is necessary.

The thing to keep in mind about baccarat strategy is that there really isn’t one, it is a game of pure luck. There are a few things that people have tried in order to give themselves an edge but when all is said and done the best strategy that you can use is to bet on the banker. The banker actually has a slight edge, the casino however will charge a five percent commission on any wins you receive when you bet on the banker. Nevertheless the odds are still the best with this strategy.

If you go the casinos and watch baccarat being played you will see a lot of people with cards recording the results of each hand. They do this because they believe that they can recognize patterns in the results that they can use to help them to win. In reality this does not work. It may have worked in the days of one deck games and hand shuffled cards but with multi deck games and automatic shuffling things are way too random for any patterns to develop.

The other strategy that people try to use is to bet on streaks. When either the banker or the player has a run of winning hands they will be on them. The idea is that the hot streak will continue. This can work if you are only placing one bet, however if you keep betting eventually the streak will end. When all is said and done it is the banker who has the best odds so that is what you should be betting on.

Since there is no strategy that you can use that will give you an advantage when you are betting on baccarat the best chance that you have of coming out ahead is with good money management. The best option here is to use progressive bets, when you win you increase the amount that you wager, when you lose you decrease the amount. The only thing to keep in mind here is that you will have to win a few hands in a row in order to make any money. This can happen but you have to make sure that you get up and walk away when you do win a few in a row. Otherwise you will just end up giving back all of the money that you have won.