Hot Tub Gaming Throne

We got it. – Let’s see what the dual looks like. – [Cameraman] Josh, no! Don’t! (dramatic boom) (cheering and excited clamoring) – [Albert] He got it!

– Okay, so you remember Shaun took my desk and put it in the hot tub and made the hot tub desk? (laughing) – [Shaun] The new mega-desk, bro! – Going way over the top, this is going to be the ultimate gaming setup. – Hot tub gaming setup. – Big screen. What, Xbox probably?

Xbox. – Xbox, playing some Rocket League. We’re gonna do this for Shaun. – We don’t have time. – [Cameraman] Wait- how are we going to get the TV in here?

– I don’t know. Let’s go look. How do we get this in there? – [Employee] This is for Shonduras. – Yeah.

– It’s for Shaun. – Yeah. How do we get this in there? It’s not tall enough.

The hot tub’s like, at least this tall. – [Employee] Do we move the desk in there? A desk in there? – Just put that on top of it? – That weighs way too much. – Does this like- – [Cameraman] Yeah, it should just come off.

– Alright, let’s try this. – Oh my gosh. – Oh man. – Do you know what we can do?

– How do we? What? – Hang it from the ceiling, dude!

– So just dangling there, playing Rocket League? – It’s not that heavy! Look at this. – [Employee] He lifted that himself.

Can you get the door? Let me get the door. – Okay, but what’s the plan?

How do we hang it? – I don’t know yet. This could fall off. I think we loop it around the inside of here. – [Cameraman] We could loop it just on this natural hook it’s got for the mount. – [Holladay] Hold it with one hand.

– It’s going to be dangled like that. If we put a weight at the bottom so it just like, – Counterbalances. – evened it out, yeah.

– [Holladay] Alright, let’s get it up first. – You can’t get it up if there’s nowhere to get it up at! – [Holladay] In the ceiling, dude.

– [Cameraman] We’re thinking put it up here? – This is so bad! – [Cameraman] Wait. Wait. TV.

Hot tub. – This is so bad! – I’m gonna leave it outside the water. I’m thinking about right there.

– [Cameraman] I think we need someone else for this. – [Holladay] Get the tallest guy in the office! – [Cameraman] We need you. – For what? – [Cameraman] Holladay wants to put the TV in the hot tub. He wants to prank Shaun.

– In the hot tub. – [Cameraman] Well, near it. Kind of like mega-desk, but for gaming. – [Holladay] We need you so bad! – For what?

– Can you open up that roof and let’s just see what we’re working with? We’re gonna hang this from the ceiling- (coughing) – [Cameraman] Seriously. – We’re gonna hang this from the ceiling. Ultimate gaming hot tub. – Do we have anything to hang it with?

– I don’t know. – [Albert] There’s a beam right there. There’s two right there. – [Cameraman] There’s the second one.

– Could they like, loop on those hooks? – [Cameraman] If we have something to loop. Yes. – Do we have any ropes or chains?

Don’t we have the chain from when we locked ourselves in here? You remember? You weren’t here. That was horrible. – I don’t remember where that chain is. I haven’t seen that chain in- wait, how long has that been?

– [Holladay] That’s been one year about right now. – Yeah, right now. – Oh my gosh, it really has been.

– Can you feel above it? – Oh yeah. It’s gonna be sketchy. – It’s gonna be sketchy.

– What do we have for stuff? Like rope? – [Cameraman] Do we have anything?

– I think we have to go get some. – [Cameraman] Do you wanna go get stuff? – I’ll get, what- – [Albert] We also need a balance at the bottom. Like something heavy to balance it. – Yeah, the thing is, the TV’s up super light.

– [Cameraman] No. No, no. – Like, cinder blocks or something? – A cinder block? – Go get a chain and cinder blocks? – There’s a TV hanging from the ceiling.

– It’s gonna be so ghetto. – Cinder blocks? (claps) – I’m going. – [Holladay And Albert] Bye, chicken!

– [Cameraman] Chicken! Film it! – Okay. – [Cameraman] Okay, bye!

(clinking) (scraping) – Oh, geez. – Well, now what? – I just don’t know if we should go here and here and try to, like – [Cameraman] Narrow it?

– That’s right in the middle, or do we go wider and then kind of balance it? Do you know what I mean? – [Holladay] Is this, there’s enough to wrap around in this? – [Chicken] Don’t. Trust me, I got the stuff I need, okay?

– [Shaun] No, I’m saying this is too thick for the back of the TV. – No, no no, that’s not what it’s for. Just trust me on this one. I got the stuff I need, all right? – [Chicken] God, you’re gonna have to fish around. (laughs) Even just the two would be better.

– (laughs) – [Cameraman] Whose phone was that? Was that your phone? – [Shaun] Watch.

– [Cameraman] That was a watch? – [Chicken] No. – I don’t think so. – What if I fall into the tub? – [Cameraman] Yeah, I was about to say, please don’t fall. (clinking) – Let’s do it.

– [Holladay] Let’s see what the dual looks like. – This looks so freaking weird and creepy. – Let’s do a little weight balance there. – [Holladay] Holy- – [Chicken] Don’t- (all laugh) – (shouts) – He got it! – (cheer) – [Chicken] I’m scared outta my mind.

That’ll definitely hold a TV. – I got these things right here, you see them? Oh, man, is this- This is an already-opened package!

They gave me a returned thing! Oh well. Anyway- – [Holladay] If it’s faulty, the only thing that happens is the TV falls and breaks.

– The TV falls and breaks. – [Cameraman] No big deal, Chicken. – [Chicken] Am I able to – oh, shoot. Oh, shoot. Shoot, shoot, shoot shoot shoot.

– [Cameraman] Trust me, guys. Trust me. Everything’s gonna work perfectly fine. – No! Stop, stop, stop.

– [Shaun] No, we gotta even it out. (mellow music) (rattling) – Okay, we’re gonna take a small intermission while these guys try and figure this out. – This is the start of the log today.

We’re going to the Jazz. The Jazz are getting into gaming stuff we like gaming stuff, so we been working on projects with them. It’s all surprise stuff, you’ll find out about it soon but it’s exciting.

And I don’t know what this building is, this isn’t like the Jazz Arena where they play. There he is! Going to the creative den. We got the neon sign up close! So this is where you spend all your time?

Oh, dang. I think this space station is lacking some creative dens like this. I mean, we could take some notes which, by the way, update on the new space station coming very soon, we’re getting very close. That’s where their players train.

You can see them run. Oh, there’s one! – Okay, we need the sign. What did he use, cardboard something, right? – This means we love ya. – Cardboard box?

– [Cameraman] Cardboard sign, right there. – No, no, no, it’s in the bathroom. – [Cameraman] Is it?

– He hung it in the bathroom. “Holladay’s hot tub desk.” – [Cameraman] There it is. So are we just recreating it, or? – Let’s use the back. (spraying) – [Cameraman] Finally got- – How’d you do that?

– [Cameraman] Used a dremel tool. I ground down the entire rig chain. – This could be permanent. We could leave this, like, for a while.

– [Cameraman] If you really want to. – Kinda just- – Put this- – [Cameraman] I’m not, I’m not – You know what? That actually might be a thing. Hold on. – If we can get this, it’s permanent. – Okay, I got the TV.

– [Chicken] Okay. – I got nothing. (laughter) – We can move on tonight. I can’t stop it.

– And we just need to tie it down. (laughter) – We actually did this. – [Cameraman] Wow. – [Chicken] (laughing) Stupid. – Listen, listen. I don’t think we need a counterbalance at all.

– [Holladay] Oh my God. – Once you’re in there, you’re there. Yes!

– Quick update, after a lot of work. We got this rigged, and then we decided – [Chicken] Don’t mess with it. Don’t touch it.

– We decided to rig the Xbox. – [Cameraman] We got power. That works. Oh, man. (exclaims) – Look at that!

– [Cameraman] This was a successful mission. Holy cow. – Whose idea was it to put the Xbox under the TV? – [Cameraman] That was Holladay. (laughs) – All right, well don’t touch it. You’re always touching it.

– [Holladay] Well, just don’t touch it. – [Chicken] What a rig. – All these loops around, and then hooks. – Dude, somewhere in America there is a scout leader just crying at this. – We looped it over this.

– Oh. Oh. – Where are they, Holladay? Are they close? – Still not here.

– [Chicken] Okay. I messed it up. – (laughter) – Gimme more. – It’s still wet under there.

(shouts) – No screaming. – Okay, hold on, we’re just gonna we’re gonna do some classic- It’s as close as we’re gonna get it. – [Cameraman] You need Chicken, then. Hurry. We’re still good. – Whoa!

Whoa! (yelling) – Stop! (yelling) (all yelling) (explosion) – [Cameraman] Dude, shut it behind you.

Shut it behind you. – Hey, Shondez. – What’s going on? – I just, we want to show you something. – [Cameraman] You’re good, dude. You’re good.

You’re safe. I promise you’re safe. Little did he know, he was not safe. – [Shonders] Stop!

– Hold on. – [Cameraman] He’s covered. All right. They’re both covered. Albert, watch out. Watch out.

There’s big icicles. – Oh my God. – This way, this way. – [Shonders] Did you guys move my desk?

– No, no, why would we do that? – [Chicken] Moving a desk is so, like, five weeks ago. – [Cameraman] Chicken’s involved. Chicken, talk. – [Chicken] Hello. – Hey, hey!

(all shouting) – [Cameraman] No fighting! Hey! Stop fighting. Stop fighting. – That’s what we normally do when he came in.

– Enough with the fighting. (shouting, laughing) – [Cameraman] Albert, Albert over here. – This, turn around, we’re just confusing you. – I know exactly where, Holladay’s desk is right here. – No.

No, you’re wrong. – Hoverboards? – No. – Greenscreen?

– No. – Greenscreen? – No!

– Greenscreen? – Alright, this way, this way. – [Cameraman] He’s a good guesser, dude. – Did they move to the couch? – Right here. – I’m so smart.

– Three, two, one. – Where’s the TV? – [Holladay] Welcome, dude. You guys get the rest of the day off. You get to game.

– [Shonders] I don’t understand. – [Chicken] Well, you better go find it. – You might need this. – Shut up!

Did you put the TV in the hot tub? What? (laughs) That is the sketchiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life! (laughs) – Welcome to the ultimate gaming throne, boys. – Oh my god. – Wow.

– It’s gonna fall and kill everyone! – [Cameraman] No, it’s not, it’s secured. – How did you guys get this industrial chain? – [Holladay] Yeah, we watched the videos. – Holladay or Chicken tie this knot?

– [Cameraman] That was Holladay. (ding) – If Holladay built this, I will use it. If Chicken built it, I’ll use it from a distance. – [Cameraman] No, no, no.

Holladay, Holladay please. (all shouting) – This is sturdier than anything in this building, man. – When you’re ready, we’ve got controllers. – These are set to go. – [Cameraman] All right, try the headphones. – I’ve held my keys the entire video so far.

– [Cameraman] You guys gotta be hot tub ready, though. – Oh my gosh. I gotta get my swimsuit on. – [Cameraman] Well, you turn that on and it gets ready- (shouting) – Oh no, wait, wait wait wait wait.

– My phone’s in here. Do I get style points for the jean jacket though? I mean, come on. – [Cameraman] Uki gets style points for those little kitty cats. (imitates meowing) You gotta go like this, hot tub rules. – Are you wearing your jean jacket?

– Of course I’m gonna wear my jean jacket. That’s how I game. (clapping, shouting) – Get some, get some. – Oh, what kind of strategy is that, Parker? – [Parker] It’s the best.

(all shout) (excited shouting) (mellow reggae music) (flowing water) (laughing) – Take a seat, boys. – So excited. – [Cameraman] What are you sitting on? – A big girl chair.

I put my stuff in here. – [Cameraman] Oh, you can put your stuff in there? Where are we? – I’m the mermaid! – [Cameraman] We’re going to see the mermaid?

– Show him your shirt. – [Cameraman] You got a mermaid shirt? That’s so cool. Is the mermaid gonna come? Are you so excited? – Should we meet her afterward?

– [Cameraman] You can go say hi to her. – Oh hey Nana and Papa. – [Cameraman] Oh hi Nana and Papa. Oh, that was cute.

What kind of treat do you want? – Fishies. – [Cameraman] Oh, cause right, the mermaid and there’s fishies, huh? I’ll be back, I’m gonna go get them. Did you get your fishies?

– Yeah. (applause) (Disney music) – Are we gonna listen to the mermaid? What do you wanna do? – Going give kiss and hug. – You wanna give the mermaid a kiss and a hug? Okay, let’s go find her.

– We’re twins. I love your hair. And you have good hair. Can you give me high fins? – [Shonders] Picture?

(camera shutter) (singing) – [Cameraman] Adley? – [Adley] Huh? – [Cameraman] Where are you? – [Adley] I’m right here. – [Cameraman] Come here.

What are you doing? – [Adley] I need go potty. – [Cameraman] No, that’s the wrong one.