Meets Casumo

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It’s a great honour to have you here! We just had a very successful event yesterday Everyone seems to be fine after that which I’m happy for so we are looking forward for a successful day. Glad to hear that But let’s get down to business, Casumo! Now I always think about the lovely Casumo-character you have The whole concept is very furry and fluffy, adventurous and it’s so much fun! What makes it so special do you think?

Why should a player open an account and start playing at Casumo? Ever since Casumo started, we wanted to create something special and something different Casumo is not a niche online casino, we don’t target the VIPs, we don’t target the males, 18-35. We target everyone that just wants to have fun and help us erase boredom from this planet. And that’s why we built world’s first casino adventure which also works as a real-time loyalty manager which actually rewards you for playing with us! Ok, yeah, sounds great, no wonder I like it so much then I’m in the target audience.

I also wanted to ask you about the Reel Races which has been very popular! How did the whole idea come about and what are they? How do you play them Reel Races actually started as part of our Christmas campaign last year and when Christmas was over, it performed so well so we couldn’t take it away So, therefore, we tweaked it a little bit and made it fully integrated part of the Casumo product. and that’s what it is today.

Reel Races are basically fast paced tournaments, they are only 20 minutes long and they run every 30 minutes, 24/7. You collect points for every win, big win, mega win and wins in a row in either a specific game or in any game you wish, depending on the tournament, and then you can measure your progress in a live stream together, how you are performing against other people. So you actually see how many points you have, how many points the guy after you and above you, and so on. So it’s interactive in a way? It’s very interactive, you get live feedback on how you are performing. It’s short as well, you don’t have to wait for two days to see if you have won.

And if you didn’t perform as well in the tournament you played, you have 30 minutes till next one. Please tell us that you are going to continue with it next year too! We are going to continue with it next year. Oh, thank god, great news!