Play Your Best Game with the Aid of Elimination Blackjack Strategy 3

Showdown – The showdown is when players show their hands, thus deciding the fate of the pot.The showdown represents the moment of truth in a poker hand. Come showdown, there is nothing anybody can do but to reveal their true hands thus offering an insight into their strategic actions that occurred before in the hand. With all that in mind it is safe to say that the showdown is the most important point in a hand from a technical perspective.

A Set – A set is basically a three of a kind which a player makes with a pocket pair. Lest the three of a kind is made with a pocket pair, it is called trips. Needless to say a set is a pretty strong hand in Texas Holdem. There’s a special technique called “set mining” which involves implied odds and lots and lots of patience on the part of the player.

Rake rebate – Some online poker rooms give their players special rewards for their loyalty, rewards which are calculated in a directly proportional manner with the amount of action they generate at the table. Some of these loyalty deals are called rakeback or Rake rebate deals.

Folding – Folding is the act of tossing one’s cards into the muck with the intention of ending all sorts of involvement in the hand, regardless of whether or not the player doing the folding has any money pushed into the pot. Money left in the pot by folders is known as “dead money”.

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