Veterans Vs. Pro Gamers: Call Of Duty

– So, what do you think, you going to kill us? – I’m going to do my best. – Might not be in the game. – In the game, no. – Hey guys, so my name is Johnathan Wendel also known as FATAL1TY I’m a 12-time World Champion video gamer.

Pretty much one of the most deadliest people on the internet. – The YouTuber here named RUNJDRUN, and I love playing games like Call of Duty, Halo, and also Super Smash Brothers. – Hi, my name is David Lonigro I’m a former United States Marine Corps Special Operations Sniper. I served six years in a special operations unit. I’ve actually never played Call of Duty before.

– I’m Mikal Vega, I spent 22 and one half years in the military, half in bomb squad half in seal teams. – So we’re going to play two on two deathmatch game. Where basically you have two veterans versus two professional gamers.

It’s going to be a very interesting battle between the teams and we’ll see who’s teamwork comes out on top. – I think I have a lot of real world experience, obviously, so I feel like that will hopefully translate well to the game. (weird music) – Oh you can jump over stuff right? – [David] Let’s do it bro, alright throw a grenade and pull. – I don’t want to do that, put that shit back. (gun shooting) Ah!

– F and G down. – You should be proud. You should be really proud.

– Did you get all the damage? – [Johnathan] I took a little damage. – Yeah I got a couple of shots off.

I’m proud of myself. – He kills me, he’s so fast. (shooting) – Ah! – Eat it.

– Wow, he’s real close, got him. Payback! – [Johnathan] I’m pretty happy with how I did. – You guys did pretty good man. – I got five kills.

– Well I don’t have any kills, but I got a shot off though. – Alright, round two. – From behind, again.

Did you stab me or shoot me? – I just shot somebody. (shooting) – See they’re moving as a unit, dude. This is like, horseshit. – I just get moving tactically and I get hit. – Oh, what?

– [Johnathan] Did I get the grenade? – Dude, that almost killed me. – Dangit! – I gotta get one kill man, come on.

Oh oh, you motherfucker. – Knife. (laughing) The F and G almost got his first kill. – I almost did but you know what I choked, I hit the wrong button. – [RUNJDRUN] You actually almost had JD you had the jump on him.

– [David] He’s like running behind them and then he runs into the fountain. – What, you think that’s pretty fucking funny, uh? (laughing) – You guys ready for one more? – Where the vets at, where you all at? I’m coming for you.

– So what you’re saying is you’re happy to be killing vets? – No, no no. – Is that what you’re saying? Is that what you’re saying? (shooting) (shooting) – [RUNJDRUN] Ah, you got me.

– Bitch. – Nice shot. – Thank you. – [RUNJDRUN] That’s a pro kill. That one kill represents the whole game. They won, because they killed a pro player.

– Payback. – Somebody just, there it is. Who else is? There it is, somebody threw a grenade. Ah, fuck, where’s it from?

No it’s from the top. Where you at? Ah, shit. Ah, there, I got murdered. Alright, we lost, or well, we won but, God but that was nothing compared to last game. – I mean we got crushed.

I can barely use the controller. I feel like I was PT and jogging around the whole time and then I squeeze off a couple of rounds and I get killed. (laughing) So that was my experience with these professional gamers. I don’t know what Mikal would like to add to that. – You got to pick those small victories, like getting a kill.

– It’s actually pretty impressed that we know that the final game we played, you got two kills. You killed myself once, which was an awesome kill, and you also killed JD once. So, you can see the progression of them getting better every game.

– I can’t wait till we get to the gun range. (laughing) Now that’s our arena. – The F and V, the F and V. – Now, you two are the F and Gs over at the gun range. We’re going to be shooting M4 assault rifles, so, we’ll see. – I didn’t talk any shit. – That was them making up that F and G thing.

– [Mikal] We should check that playback on how nice he really was. – [RUNJDRUN] I was pretty cool. – [Mikal] Hey, are we acting like we didn’t get 20 kills the last time.

– [RUNJDRUN] That was just me talking about the game, hey. I was just talking about the game, man. (laughing)